New litter to come Derwen Spy + Mac

New litter between my own Derwen Spy and Peter Heléns Mac


We got our kennel name: BCWORLD'S And if everything goes as planned. Spy will be mated in her next heat. We only need the last health results. Nothing is given just yet!  

Exciting stuff has happened

We have had some problems with Cozy in the flock, she wasn't happy beeing with us inside the house when the other dogs was inside as well. We did try to find a soloution but it just would not get better. We talked to our puppy buyers and told them about the problem....

MC has been added

And now she's got her own page as well    

5 Weeks old pups

The pups are now 5 weeks old and all have found new perfect homes. Cozy has been started on the sheep again and is slowly getting back ind shape. Gary and Serge Van der Zweep just got in as 3rd at the World Championship this weekend - pretty amazing - Congratulations...

Cozy and Gary Pups born the 6th of june

5 Bitches and 3 Males and there are still pups available 1 week old   Dag1 03:17 Bitch 336 fuld krave, hvide forben op til albuerne 320 04:28 Bitch 375 Ingen krave kun lille plet 343 04:48 Bitch 373 meget ynd venstre krave større plet i nakken, lidt bredere blis,...

06-06-2017 Cozy + Gary

This will be the last litter from Cozy and is only made because we want a puppy our self from this combination. It wasn't the plan in the beginning of the year since we wanted a puppy from another kennel, but the plans were changed for us so we decided to breed a...

Puppies born 27-9-16

On the 27'th of september Cozy gave birth to 6 puppies. 5 dogs and 1 bitch. They  are all healthy and growing well. [gallery link="file"...

Zoom just started as a working sheepdog

And I think she is very promissing 🙂    

18 weeks old razgul

Zoom the keeper from our last litter with Cozy + Deen is growing into a really fine girl. She is keen with the sheep and very clever learning all the "normal" tricks. I really like her and believe she will be a great bitch for us 🙂 <3

Our Team

Derwen Spy

(ISDS 350090)




Reg: DK08151/2012




Cash and René are going to WC in Luxembourg

  Cash is after Bailey/Lad and is a halfsister to Cozy, she just got a third place in the Dania Cup final together with Rene Jeppesen. They are also attending the world championship together with the Danish team this year. And if that isn't enough, Cash is living...

What a weekend for the bc-world’s kids!

We were attending the largest indoor agility competition in Denmark, Vilhelmsborg this weekend. I ran with Joy and John with Kenai. I had three good runs with Joy, a 5'th place in jump 1 on saturday and 2'th place in jump 1 on sunday and a 1'th place i agility on...

The vet went by today

- and everything is just fine.  Everytime I have a litter I always get'em checked by the vet. Just to make sure everything is fine. And it was 🙂 I can only recommend Morud Dyreklinik 🙂

They have arrived 🙂

After 30 hours of preparing Cozy gave birth to 8 new small wonders. One little girl unfortunally died. Mother and babies are doing sooo well 🙂 16:45:00 Bitch 273gr 16:52:00 Bitch 250gr 17:16:00 Bitch 299gr 17:45:00 Bitch ( Died ) 164gr 18:00:00 Bitch 280gr 18:15:00...


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