We were attending the largest indoor agility competition in Denmark, Vilhelmsborg this weekend.
I ran with Joy and John with Kenai. I had three good runs with Joy, a 5’th place in jump 1 on saturday and 2’th place in jump 1 on sunday and a 1’th place i agility on sunday also. We are beginners, but we are comming along right now. 🙂
It was Kenai’s second competition and while there were very very good elements he did not get placed. He is very fast and controllable but just needs some experience. 🙂

Rene Jeppesen who ran with Åsa Erikssons Cash who is after my Bailey and Lad had some very very good runs. Especially the important run for the danish national team were they came in third. Beautifull is was 🙂

But not only agility was done this weekend. Tine with Cosmo ( Data ) After Bailey and Theo attended an obedience competition and did graduate for the next level.

It has been a busy weekend for bc-world’s offspring.

And the little new ones at home? My sister took care of them and they are growing fat and wonderfull. Now, at nine days old they can already bark. What a joy they will be 🙂


2014-03-22 13.56.57