Derwen Spy and Peter Heléns Mac.


Mac Regnr: REGV1139/2015  / (ISDS 323420)
Born: 17/8-2012
Color: Black and White mottled – rough coated
CEA/CH: Free

Mac is owned by Peter Helén who by several times has been qualified for the Danish national team for Continental and world trial.
Mac is small easy handled and very friendly dog with plenty of power.  He is fast and works on a daily basis as a sheepdog. Not just for trials.
I have been following several of his pups from earlier litters and I really really like them. They are friendly, cooperative and fast on the sheep. Even as obedience dogs some are used and are doing well.


Derwen Spy DK04588/2019 / (ISDS 350090)
Born: 2/1-2017
Height: approx 46cm – weight: 13,5 kg
Color: Black and White mottled – Smooth coated
OCD: Free
AD: 0
HD: KC Results 6/7 – Danish Kennel Club  translation: B
Cea: N/N

I got Spy from Ireland in the summer 2018 – I saw a video of her working liked her look and when the healt results was ok I didn’t hesitate. 
This last year she has been leaning to live inside a house, and now she prefers to sleep on the couch or even in the bed if she get the chance. 
I have started her in one trial were she came in 2. with 80 points. ( Just after our MC 😉 ) 
She is great to work with. Some old habits needed to be changed and this is going well. She is fast, very willing to listen and wants to push the sheep. Some times too much, but I prefer that anyway. 
She is friendly to people; men, women and children she loves all. She is friendly to other dogs. Shes does not like other bitches and do not have any “snappish” tendencies at all. If other dogs are not friendly or comes on her too fast she backs out. When they are friendly she wants to play. A lot!! 
She just learned to play with toys and we are trying to start her very slowly in agility. But primarily she will be working with the sheep.