Cash is after Bailey/Lad and is a halfsister to Cozy, she just got a third place in the Dania Cup final together with Rene Jeppesen. They are also attending the world championship together with the Danish team this year. And if that isn’t enough, Cash is living together with Åsa Eriksson and not René, Åsa just let Rene do agility with Cash. Together with Åsa they do obedience and work sheep. She’s a little wonderdog and a littersister to my Joy. I’m a very very proud breeder, and I’m very lucky she is in so good hands. Thank you Åsa and René


After a week holiday in Czech Republic I enjoyed going home to the dogs and have a nice an lazy day with them.
Bailey is really showing us the agility-skills she does not have. 😉

Cozy’s heat has just begun so I believe she will be in heat again in march/april, so summer puppies next year 🙂

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