– to start Cozy on the sheep, she is very promising. Natural flanks and a good listener, and just to make me more happy she has added a lot of power and ” want to” in her aproach to the sheep.
I really really like her.
I was though thinking of giving her a new home, because she could not leave our cats alone. It is getting better by now and I think her home with us is safe 🙂

Joy and I has been training agility this winther, and even though i’m a beginner it is looking better. Joy just loves it, and I am having a good time with her and some of my friends. Maybe in the spring we will be able to start some competitions. We will propably attend some of the competitions anyway to take pictures of dogs and handlers.
If you want me to have some pictures of your dog please feel free and contact me 🙂

Bailey is also doing fine, she has enjoyed the last half year after the last litter doing nothing. In the new year I want her to get in shape and be better than ever. if that is posible 😉 If not, she is still my best friend <3