Even though I do not breed to make my puppies go for such timewaste as I belive dogshows is, I was quite proud when I heard that three of Baileys puppies from the last litter got a “Very good” each.

I don’t belive they want to go for another show ever again, but they needed the 2. place to be International champions in obedience or agility. I am happy for them 🙂

It was Louise with Artie, Helle with Noma and Åsa with Ziggy.
Louise (man-)handled? Artie and Noma, and Pia Stendahl ( www.dalumdyrehandel.dk ) handled Ziggy.

They all got a good critic from the judge and had as I heard it a very good day.

I could unfortunately not attend the dogshow because I was to help setting out sheep at the “fastelavnskonkurrence” which was held by Rikke Andersen in the Danish Sheepdog Society.
It was a very nice competition, with good but cold weather both days.
Rikke Andersen won with Tam. And the judges was Finn Petersen on saturday and Tony Ottesen on sunday.